Baby notecards

Just a very quick post because we can’t get over how cute these notecards are.


We can scan the footprints, reduce the size to a tiny little motif like this, and then print these highly-personalized notecards for the new arrival. The letterpress impression really picks out the details of all those cute toes!

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Ladybug Wedding invitation set

We printed this set for an Italian couple and we adore the unusual motif of a little ladybug. We are big fans of unexpected designs and layouts.


The crisp red ink is beautifully vibrant against a neutral gray and the non-cursive fonts work so well with the whole layout.


Elena and Fabio also asked us to print some personal stationery for them. We repeated the ladybug illustration to add an element of continuity. The couple can use these as thank you notes for wedding gifts and then as cards throughout their marriage.


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Hand-lettered gorgeousness!

Sometimes we open our inbox and our hearts just skip a beat. When Andrew Tobin sent us his wedding invitation designs, we were blown away. The hand-lettering is so unusual and lovely and those hits of chartreuse ink take our breath away:


We could not wait to print these. It really is so inspiring to us to see the work of other designers and it constantly gives us new ideas for layouts and techniques.

Plus, any excuse to ink the press with that gorgeous bright yellow-y green:


Here’s one more quick close-up of the printing to show the gorgeous impression and the blast of color:


All of these designs are courtesy of the extremely talented groom. You can check out his other fantastic work at

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Elegant Monogram

We’ve added a really elegant new design to our collection of wedding invitations. Many couples have been approaching us, asking for something that features a monogram of their initials.


We’re always delighted to come up with a new layout so we came up with this design that features a monogram, as well as a simple border.


The choice of quite traditional fonts also adds to the sense of subtle formality without being stuffy!

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We’ve printed a few London weddings featuring tinted letterpressed illustrations related to the British capital. So we thought we would add a new design that incorporates the New York skyline for all the Manhattan weddings we work on!


This design uses a really clear, sans serif font which perfectly complements the graphic silhouette of the NY skyline:


The use of a very pale tinted ink on the motif really intensifies the letterpress effect and makes the image appear almost like a shadow. The result is an invitation that is both classy and understated.

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Classic matte gold invitation set

We worked with Meredith and Adam on their Save the Date cards and we were excited to collaborate on the designs for their invitations too. They went for a really classy, understated layout that highlighted the letterpress impression and the gorgeous ink color they chose.


They thought about incorporating an illustration at the top of each card but as with so many things, sometimes less is more. In the case of this set, we think it really benefits from the simplicity of the layout.


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Reception stationery

Once a couple have received their printed invitations, it’s often time to start thinking about reception stationery. It’s really nice for us to continue working with clients on their wedding programs, escort cards, menus and other pieces.

We can draw out themes from the invitation to use across these items.

Our Under the Sea design with its vivid octopus motif works really well on these menus, table cards and escort cards:


We like how the wave illustration adds a slightly different look to the set.

At the other end of the spectrum, our subtle Pale Florals set allows for some really pretty additional pieces that feature blind embossing on the menu and escort card envelope:


Thinking about your reception stationery alongside your invitations is a great way to create a unified look across your whole wedding: from the anticipation of the event to the big day itself!

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A burst of pink

A great way to add color to a classic invitation is to think about having the accompanying pieces printed onto colored cardstock. We can print darker ink onto pale paper, like this example of a lovely RSVP card and envelope on a vivid pink card:


The motif at the top of each card creates a nice consistency across the pieces. The invitation itself is a beautiful and elegant example of how two fonts can work really well together.


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Red, White and Blue wedding invitations

Admittedly, this wedding didn’t take place on July 4th. But the color scheme certainly seems appropriate for this holiday weekend!

We printed this set for a May wedding last year and we adore the mix of elegance and informality.


The invitation itself maintains a more traditional look with the triple border and monogram. Meanwhile, the other pieces are a little more whimsical and feature some really lovely illustrations. We especially like how the motifs on the information card correspond to the RSVP card.

RSVP close-up

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Greek wedding invitation

This summer, we have been printing a range of dual-language invitations. It’s a fun challenge for us to lay these out and we have the added benefit of daydreaming about events on Greek islands, Italian hillsides and French chateaus!


This invitation includes text in both English and Greek. We aimed to have both sections of copy arranged similarly so that they mirror each other and there is plenty of space left on the design so that it doesn’t look too “text-y”.

The bride asked the extremely talented Roanne Adams from RoAndCo to design the custom monogram and we think it is so charming. The subtle olive branches refer to the Greek heritage of the bride and the location of the wedding.


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