Gift-giving 101

Holiday season is upon us again...and we love it. No complaints here. We're busy printing bespoke social stationery for people to give as gifts and custom holiday cards for our lovely customers. All of this preparation got us thinking about the joy of gift-giving and we wanted to share a few of our products that are perfect for taking a present to the next level! Holiday_detail

We are definitely from the camp that prefers giving gifts to receiving them and we think that part of the joy our recipients derive is from the care and attention that goes into packaging their gifts up.

The designs above are from our 2013 holiday range and double up as tree ornaments: what a multi-tasking product!

And for a more quirky look, we are thrilled with this set of bright tags, entitled Time for Tea:


You really can make the wrapping of a present just as meaningful and thoughtful as the gift itself!