Hand Drawn Designs

We've been looking through the Sesame Letterpress archives lately, searching for examples of pretty, whimsical hand drawn designs. We found a trio of gorgeous examples that we wanted to share on the blog today. We love how the colors of all three invitations create a perfect trio of Spring hues! Green1

We adore the wreath illustration and the interplay of handwritten text and printed text. Also, that aqua color is just so fresh and modern!

Yellow2 - smaller

This design just makes us smile: those two patient little pets at the bottom of the card! Any design - like this - with fine, line drawn detail prints perfectly in letterpress.

Birds - smaller

What is so clever about this design is the way that the layout of the text mirrors the criss-cross of the branches in the illustration. This example also shows how sometimes a single color ink can add a really elegant cohesive feel to the design.

Remember that we are always happy to incorporate your own hand drawn illustration into the design of your choice!