Kirby and Kraut business card

Sometimes a design for a business card lands on our desk and we just think "Yahoo!" These cards for Kirby and Kraut are no exception. kirby-kraut-green-cabbage-letterpress-business-card

I don't even know where to start. We love the font used for the business name: it has a subtle vintage, handwritten feel while still looking really elegant. It reminds us of the kind of typeface Wes Anderson might choose for one of his movies!

And then there's the cabbage illustration printed in a bright lime green. We adore it. The whole card works perfectly and really benefits from the simplicity of the information provided.

Here's a close up to show the detail in the cabbage illustration:


Kirby & Kraut makes kitchen tools for home fermentation and preservation. Their website is dedicated to providing recipes and resources for food enthusiasts interested in preparing pickles, preserves and fermented foods at home. The business is based in Sunnyside, Queens NY and all the products are made in America.