Northern California Rose Wedding

Congratulations to Adrienne and Casey for their wedding this weekend! We love seeing our Roses design in print, with its subtle detailed flower illustrations. While the invitation followed our traditional design, we created a more playful design for the Welcome Dinner card. The combination of rich black ink and tinted embossing is beautiful, as always.


Romantic Rose Hudson

A big congratulations to Maeve and Matthew for their wedding in Vermont his weekend! They wanted to use a combine a few elements from some different designs, so we came up with this customized, romantic version of our Hudson design. The envelopes were lined in a pale blush paper with a pink rose printed on them, to match the floral icon on the invitation card.

Matte gold and elegant black invitations

Make yourself comfortable because this blog post is going to feature quite a bumper haul of gorgeous photos. We loved designing this set of wedding stationery because it features unexpected and somewhat whimsical fonts with really classic, beautiful color choices. The result is a simply beautiful selection of letterpress printed pieces...

To add some extra visual interest, each card has a slightly different feel: the invitation is pared back and simple, the rehearsal dinner invitation features a dotted border and a selection of the other cards have motifs that are relevant to the location and atmosphere of each event. Scroll through the rest of the photos for more details!

All about RSVPs

When it comes to the RSVP for your wedding stationery, there are plenty of options. We are going to address these through a series of posts. First of all, the most simple option is to use a blank card which just requests that your guests respond by a certain date. This is a lovely way to encourage people to write you a personal message.

We love the color choice on the invitation above and the way in which the text is a little slanted and seems to run off the card slightly.

However, this style relies on the idea that your event is completely self-explanatory and all you need to know is who is coming. If you are having a few different events, or if you need to know menu choices in advance, you'll probably need a more in-depth RSVP.