Custom Coasters for Logan Holland

We printed these custom letterpress coasters for women's wear designer, Logan Holland recently. They have a simple, but striking logo that looks wonderful printed in rich, black ink. Coasters are always fun to print because they show off the beauty of letterpress, by taking a good deal of impression.

We enjoy working with small, local businesses in NYC and Brooklyn, especially when they are in an industry that is as hands-on as ours!


Custom Letterpress Notecards

Nothing is more elegant than crisp black letterpress printing on bright, white cotton paper. Black ink never goes out of style, so it's always a great choice for business stationery.


Here is another simple letterpress note card that we printed recently. We love take on a custom note card for a family of five. The Chinese Zodiak signs add such sweet character to the stationery set, especially when printed in such a striking orange.


Chalk Business Cards

We've been working with Chalk, a marketing and branding firm here in NYC for a couple of years. They recently asked us to print some of their redesigned business cards and we were impressed by how well they turned out. The bold indigo banner contrasts the bright white paper, making their logo quite striking.


It's always fun to bring another designer's vision to life, especially when it is as eye-catching as this. These letterpress business cards were a challenge to print, but will certainly make a good impression on their clients.

A really BIG job!

Usually, for the first six months of the year, we are mainly focused on printing wedding invitations. We call it our 'wedding season'. But this week, we have a huge corporate job that we are working on for a great client. Kate is non-stop: she has already trimmed 5000 cards to the correct size and now - as I write this - she has started the process of printing them one by one! Phew! To give you a sense of the volume of paper, here's a photo of just some of the piles: piles of paper!