Business Cards for Brooklyn Herborium

We love working with small, local businesses, especially ones that share a love of the handmade. We printed these letterpress cards for Brooklyn Herborium, a shop started by two Brooklyn moms who wanted to create a line of skincare products that were healthy and environmentally friendly. Their design is simple and sweet, with a great floral and herb illustration.

Chalk Business Cards

We've been working with Chalk, a marketing and branding firm here in NYC for a couple of years. They recently asked us to print some of their redesigned business cards and we were impressed by how well they turned out. The bold indigo banner contrasts the bright white paper, making their logo quite striking.


It's always fun to bring another designer's vision to life, especially when it is as eye-catching as this. These letterpress business cards were a challenge to print, but will certainly make a good impression on their clients.

Snake Business Cards for our friends at Saipua

One of the best things about running a letterpress shop in Brooklyn is being a stone’s throw from so many talented people making incredibly beautiful things. Quite often, we’re lucky enough to get to work with some of them! We've been collaborating with Saipua in Red Hook for years to print a variety of things for their hand-made products. Along with their gorgeous floral work, they make olive oil based soaps and soy candles in small batches. We truly appreciate someone else who works with their hands everyday.

We recently printed these striking snake business cards for them. Their style is beautiful, wild and a little dark and matches our own aesthetic perfectly.


Sarah, the Founder & Creative Director at Saipua shared this beautiful photo with us. We just love the contrast of the golden snake among those breathtaking flowers!

A few recent business cards

Alongside our collection of in-house-designed business cards, we are always happy to print cards that are designed by other businesses and graphic artists. Lately, we have printed a variety of really lovely cards, each of which has it's own, unique charm. Brooklyn Herborium is a new store that sells holistic beauty products. We love how their card design references nature, plants and greenery:

Our Millstone is another new business; a bakery specializing in growing, milling and baking everything. Again, the card perfectly reflects the business through the use of illustration and color:

Finally, we love the simplicity of this last card that just features a name in a beautiful, cursive script. Sometimes the most uncluttered design can speak volumes when printed in letterpress:

We're looking forward to the launch of Najla; an online purveyor of lingerie that combines classic, elegant silhouettes and luxurious materials with expert artisanship.

Business cards for Space, Nantucket

It's no mystery that here at Sesame, we love being beside the seaside. Over the summer, we decamp to Marblehead, MA and spend hours gazing at the sea. And many of our designs have a distinct maritime flavor. So when we were asked to design business cards for a lovely new shop in Nantucket, we loved the fact that this shop is literally right on the water.

Check out this view:

And inside, it has been arranged so beautifully too:

Elise, the owner stocks some of our products in the store and we were delighted when she asked us to print her business cards. We love the vibrant color and the square dimensions of the card.