Eye Love You!

We're debuting a couple new greeting cards this year, in celebration of Valentine's Day! We love this playful card with a striking blue and gray eye. The message is simple and sweet. eye_love_valentine_card_sesame_letterpress

Nothing says I love you like a sweet, hand-written note and a really good box of chocolates. We've designed these red and gray cards with that thought in mind. The inspiration for this card, the Whitman's Sampler box, has been a Valentine's Day staple since 1912.

love_sweet_chocolate_box_valentine_card_sesame_letterpressWe encourage sending handwritten love notes all year long, but if there's one day a year to write to your paramour, this is it. These and more Valentine's Day cards are available on our website now!

Maritime Holiday Cards: In Process

We've been busy printing holiday cards these days and we figured we'd give you a peek into the process while we print our Ship Holiday card, which is one of our favorites. In case you couldn't tell, we're crazy about nautical themed goods! From whale gift tags to anchor note card sets, we've got it all.  Our beloved Golding Jobber press came from a New England seaside town, so it seems fitting that it should be used for these projects. sesame-letterpress-ship-holiday-card-press

We print the red portion of the card first (the boat and red lights), followed by the navy (you can see the plate for the navy in the photo above) and finally the green string of lights. Lining the layers of a card as precise as this one takes a keen eye and a bit of patience.


We hate to waste paper so we constantly reuse scraps for set up and registration while we perfect the prints.  Sometimes the most interesting things happen by accident. The combination of the soft blue filigree and the navy ship on this piece of makeready really caught our eye.


We have lots of different letterpress holiday card sets available on our site, as well as some great nautical themed gifts for everyone on your list.


Custom Letterpress Holiday Greetings

It's hard to believe but the holidays are just around the corner! It seems like just yesterday we were brainstorming the perfect Halloween costume (do we go pop culture phenomenon or classically creepy this year?). But before we know it, the dishes from Thanksgiving feasts will be piling up in the sink. One of our favorite traditions of the holiday season is the exchange of cards and letters. The process of creating a custom holiday card involves equal parts work and fun. It may all begin on the computer but always ends up in the hands of our printers who expertly cut the paper to size, mix beautiful ink colors and print each layer.





Don't you love this card's classic color scheme and imagery? You can almost smell the pine needles in the air. This design is part of our 2014 custom holiday collection, available now. Email info@sesameletterpress.com for a quote.

Sunshine edge painting

We offer a range of finishing techniques, including corner rounding, edge painting and envelope lining. These are great ways to further customize your printed items. And if you're going to go for edge painting, why not choose a really bright, uplifting color? Like sunshine yellow!


This invitation layout is so pretty and understated. It features blind embossing for the heart illustrations and cool gray for the text. The yellow just adds an extra pop of goodness to the design!


The thank you cards continue the color palette of pale tinted illustration with cool gray text. We think the french "Merci Beaucoup" is a very sweet addition too!


A little bit of celebrity!

Sometimes we are asked to do some printing for clients who have quite a high profile. We never get too star-struck but at the same time, it's lovely to see our designs and printing featured online and in print. We recently bought ourselves a copy of Martha Stewart Weddings so we could take a look through their coverage of the wedding of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. We printed the letterpress borders which surrounded their silhouettes on the opening page of the article.

We also printed cards for guests to fill in with messages for the happy couple!

A really BIG job!

Usually, for the first six months of the year, we are mainly focused on printing wedding invitations. We call it our 'wedding season'. But this week, we have a huge corporate job that we are working on for a great client. Kate is non-stop: she has already trimmed 5000 cards to the correct size and now - as I write this - she has started the process of printing them one by one! Phew! To give you a sense of the volume of paper, here's a photo of just some of the piles: piles of paper!


All about RSVPs

When it comes to the RSVP for your wedding stationery, there are plenty of options. We are going to address these through a series of posts. First of all, the most simple option is to use a blank card which just requests that your guests respond by a certain date. This is a lovely way to encourage people to write you a personal message.

We love the color choice on the invitation above and the way in which the text is a little slanted and seems to run off the card slightly.

However, this style relies on the idea that your event is completely self-explanatory and all you need to know is who is coming. If you are having a few different events, or if you need to know menu choices in advance, you'll probably need a more in-depth RSVP.

Nearly New Year's Eve!

Well, admittedly we're not even past Christmas yet. But we're thinking ahead! And we do love a good New Year's Eve Party... I've been going through our stock and I think I have found the perfect card to use as an invitation or to say a festive thanks for gifts and fun events.

I love the slightly old-fashioned image of a drinks tray, especially the way it has been modernized with flashes of bright yellow. Being British, I also like the greeting, "cheers", printed underneath!

Here's a close up:

What do you think? If you want to purchase a few of these for your New Year's party, just click here!

Bespoke Christmas Cards

We have put together a lovely range of customizable holiday cards. They are designed so that clients can choose their own photograph to incorporate into the card. All of us here in the studio adore this gorgeous faux bois design. Perfect for Christmas and especially perfect for letterpress: the impression makes the paper actually feel like woodgrain!


- Jana