The Letterpress Community

I never realized that there is a whole community of people who champion the use and preservation of antique letterpresses. Obviously, here at Sesame, we are all enthusiasts and we have quite a few presses which we are constantly caring for and printing with. But there are also some amazing online resources with active members who are regularly posting about their printing projects, design ideas and love of old letterpresses. Here are a few suggestions if you want to start exploring letterpress. And these sites also have listings where you can buy and sell old presses... Briar Press - this is our go-to site with nearly 70,000 printers, artists and designers!

British Letterpress - as the name suggests, this site is quite UK-centric. It features lots of hands-on guides and ideas.

Happy exploring!

Update, 1/15/13:

Thanks to Shayna at Steel Petal Press for letting us know about another excellent new website for letterpress fans:

Letterpress Commons - great new open source site built by the letterpress community. Loads of really awesome information and links.