Bright Confetti Dots Wedding Invite

We designed these letterpress wedding invitations for a photoshoot, and just love them. The confetti dots are printed in a sort of ikat pattern, in complementary colors and a modern type treatment. We can't decide if we like the design in shades of blue, or neon pink and peach more. Both versions are a fun and modern take on a wedding invitation, perfect for a couple having a casual summer event.



What could be more perfect for a wedding invitation design than the inclusion of printed confetti? This brand new design is equal parts joyful and charming: carolyna-script-confetti-dots-coral-letterpress-wedding-invitation-brooklyn

The blend of large and small dots perfectly captures the effect of falling confetti and really complements the sweet, cursive Carolyna font.


This design works particularly well as a two-color print with one quite neutral hue (like the cool gray pictured here) and the other a more vivid, vibrant color (like this amazing fluorescent orange!)