Bespoke envelope lining

Most of our printing is custom: our clients love having personalized items with their name/monogram or other individual details included. And for an additional bespoke element, how about choosing your own paper to line envelopes? You can go for something simple in a single color or choose a really unique fine paper with a pattern or design. We love how the ink color used on this thank you card is picked up in the verdant lining paper used for the envelopes:

Bespoke envelope liners

We posted a few months ago about a Save the Date that we printed for a Kiawah Island wedding. It featured the beautiful calligraphy of Betsy Dunlap. Well, here's a sneak peak at a part of the invitation design:

As you can see, there's more of that gorgeous calligraphy. We're most excited about the custom envelope liners that we printed! We love how guests will open the envelope flap and see the alligator printed onto that vibrant purple-y blue!

Custom envelope liners are a great way to make your invitation stand out. We can print a monogram, a pattern or the motif of your choice.