A few recent business cards

Alongside our collection of in-house-designed business cards, we are always happy to print cards that are designed by other businesses and graphic artists. Lately, we have printed a variety of really lovely cards, each of which has it's own, unique charm. Brooklyn Herborium is a new store that sells holistic beauty products. We love how their card design references nature, plants and greenery:

Our Millstone is another new business; a bakery specializing in growing, milling and baking everything. Again, the card perfectly reflects the business through the use of illustration and color:

Finally, we love the simplicity of this last card that just features a name in a beautiful, cursive script. Sometimes the most uncluttered design can speak volumes when printed in letterpress:

We're looking forward to the launch of Najla; an online purveyor of lingerie that combines classic, elegant silhouettes and luxurious materials with expert artisanship.