New Greeting Cards

One of my 2014 resolutions is to carve out time each month to step out of the studio and see more art.  New York City has so much to offer and it is wonderful to spend a day (or even a few hours) being inspired. In attempt to make up for lost time, a friend and I visited two museums last week - The Metropolitan Museum and the Frick Collection (also one of our favorite clients!).  It would be impossible to see every work in their galleries so we focused on the Northern European still-life paintings, a favorite subject of mine.  It was delightful and I went home inspired to add another couple cards to our "Painted Still-Life" series. The Swans would be particularly nice for Valentine's Day!

- Breck

Things we love: Edward Gorey Illustrations

We wanted to add a new series to our blog entitled "things we love". Our aim is to highlight gorgeous design outside of the letterpress world that gets our hearts racing. Sometimes we find inspiration in really unusual places. So we're kicking off with an introduction to the illustration of Edward Gorey.

Gorey was a prolific writer and illustrator whose work was both elegant and sometimes macabre.

We love his whimsical drawings and we are always taken by the way he puts colors together.

Here are some more examples of his book covers...


- Jana