What the World Needs Now...

According to an article in the New York Times this week, what the world needs now is more handwritten cards and letters: We Could All Use a Little Snail Mail Right Now


The article expresses everything we feel as stationers! Handwriting is such a physical reminder of a person and email just can’t capture this. The average American household receives just 10 pieces of personal mail per year. This makes getting a note in the mail even more meaningful and taking the time to write and send a note feels good too.

The Times article also notes that David Sedaris, one of our favorite writers, sends handwritten thank you notes.

“I just feel like it’s classy to do it with real mail,” he said. “It’s too easy to do it on email. And it also doesn’t mean as much.” Not to mention, he added, “It’s nice to be thought of as classy.”

Our feelings exactly!

Sesame Letterpress custom stationery image courtesy Kim Indresano Photography

Post Wedding Thank You Notes

After the wedding, once you've returned from your honeymoon sun-kissed and relaxed, there's still one thing left to do for your wedding - send out thank you notes! There's nothing nicer than receiving a handwritten thank you note, especially when it's on custom, letterpress stationery. You can include your monogram, new last name or an image that relates to your invitations, like this New York City note card.


Get started on those thank you notes right away and work on them little by little. Thank anyone who attended or sent a gift, exceptional vendors and most importantly, whoever hosted your wedding. They have been with you through thick and thin, while planning this event - let them know how much you appreciate their help.

Custom Letterpress Notecards

Nothing is more elegant than crisp black letterpress printing on bright, white cotton paper. Black ink never goes out of style, so it's always a great choice for business stationery.


Here is another simple letterpress note card that we printed recently. We love take on a custom note card for a family of five. The Chinese Zodiak signs add such sweet character to the stationery set, especially when printed in such a striking orange.


Say thanks with bespoke letterpress stationery

We print many custom stationery sets during the holiday. They make wonderful gifts, perfect for sending out thank you notes, post-holiday. Here are a few we particularly enjoyed designing and printing in 2014. custom-classic-monogram-stationery-sesame-letterpress

These notecards feature an assortment of blues and grays, perfectly matching the cloudy January sky.


Initials always look great in letterpress, whether they are small and sleek or larger and more decorative. Adding an image is a great idea, especially if it's as cute as this carefree rabbit taking a leap over such a fancy monogram.


Pastilles Notecard Set

Now that Spring is kinda, sorta on its way, we've designed a brand new set of notecards. Even if it's snowing outside the window of our studio, at least we can make it feel sunny and bright on our presses! We've designed a set of 20 cards, featuring four different designs, each in a pretty, pastel color.

The hot air balloon is in a dusty light blue, the chandelier is in a gorgeous pink, the giraffe is rich charcoal and the flower bouquet is printed in a beautiful sunflower yellow. Purchase a set here and bring some sunshine to anyone you send a note to!

Vintage-style notecard designs

Our customizable notecard designs are a really popular product; there's nothing nicer than having personal social stationery to send out thank you notes or quick greetings. We recently added a couple of new designs to the collection which focus on vintage styling. The first layout features the phrase "From the desk of..." and references 1950s stationery designs.

Here's a close up of the printing:

We also have a new design that includes both a name and home address. Once again, we've channeled a Mad Men-style concept with classic fonts and a subtle, yet elegant double underline:

You can also view all of our other designs right here.

Spectacle Notecards

Often when clients discuss their personalized stationery with us, we try to encourage them to include a motif or image that represents them. Sometimes this will be something related to their job (a pen and inkpot for a writer or a hammer and nails for someone who works in construction or woodwork). Or, it might be something more related to their hobbies (a camera for someone interested in photography perhaps). We love these notecards because the client has chosen an image which literally captures one of his defining accessories: a pair of bold glasses! Teamed with a bright lined envelopes these are just super.

- Jana

New Year, New Notecards!

It's that time in the year when I am resolving to become more organized and to stay on top of personal admin. A lot of our clients seem to have the same idea: they are getting in touch with us to order personal notecards and business cards. January is the perfect time to get your stationery needs in order and make sure you have printed items for the year ahead! So, I'm going to be posting a few blogs about some of the notecard designs we printed in 2012...starting with these gorgeous cards which feature a stunning decorative border.

The black ink looks so sharp and was the perfect complement to envelopes lined in a gorgeous pale green color.

Stay tuned for more notecard ideas...

- Jana