Bespoke envelope lining

Most of our printing is custom: our clients love having personalized items with their name/monogram or other individual details included. And for an additional bespoke element, how about choosing your own paper to line envelopes? You can go for something simple in a single color or choose a really unique fine paper with a pattern or design. We love how the ink color used on this thank you card is picked up in the verdant lining paper used for the envelopes:

A really BIG job!

Usually, for the first six months of the year, we are mainly focused on printing wedding invitations. We call it our 'wedding season'. But this week, we have a huge corporate job that we are working on for a great client. Kate is non-stop: she has already trimmed 5000 cards to the correct size and now - as I write this - she has started the process of printing them one by one! Phew! To give you a sense of the volume of paper, here's a photo of just some of the piles: piles of paper!


Mystery letterpress finds!

I was chatting to Breck the other day about the presses in our workshop. We have quite a few of them - all different shapes and sizes. She was telling me that sometimes when she has bought a press and installed it in the studio, she has discovered an old remnant of the previous life of the machine. Tucked away behind the rollers or under the chase, she has found a bit of printed ephemera from when the press was last operated. Here's a photo of something she found in the press we use daily:

garment tag

It's funny to think that before we started using the press to print wedding invitations and business cards it was used to print garment tags! It's lovely to imagine the press in a whole different workshop, being operated by a different master printer. I reckon our presses have been through a great many reincarnations! Here's that garment tag tucked in amongst the parts of our Golding Jobber No. 7:

tag and machine

- Jana