Bespoke envelope lining

Most of our printing is custom: our clients love having personalized items with their name/monogram or other individual details included. And for an additional bespoke element, how about choosing your own paper to line envelopes? You can go for something simple in a single color or choose a really unique fine paper with a pattern or design. We love how the ink color used on this thank you card is picked up in the verdant lining paper used for the envelopes:

Vintage-style notecard designs

Our customizable notecard designs are a really popular product; there's nothing nicer than having personal social stationery to send out thank you notes or quick greetings. We recently added a couple of new designs to the collection which focus on vintage styling. The first layout features the phrase "From the desk of..." and references 1950s stationery designs.

Here's a close up of the printing:

We also have a new design that includes both a name and home address. Once again, we've channeled a Mad Men-style concept with classic fonts and a subtle, yet elegant double underline:

You can also view all of our other designs right here.