San Francisco City Bus Wedding Invitations

Congratulations to our Britt and Tony on their wedding a couple weeks ago! We worked with them on a variety of letterpress stationery for their San Francisco wedding, including these announcements and bookmarks. They have a really sweet story about meeting on a city bus, and wanted to incorporate that into the design of their stationery. The image of the bus became a fun recurring element, as well as the map of San Francisco's transit system.


As a thank you to their guests, we made these custom bookmarks with the map and bus design. At the bottom it reads, "Always thank you bus driver" as a nod to their meet-cute. (And its definitely a cute one!)


A Formal San Francisco Wedding

We just love Virginia and Greg's San Francisco themed wedding invitations. We started with their letterpress printed Save the Dates in rich black and bright red ink. They wanted to pay homage to an iconic landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge, on top of the card. The combination of colors on warm white paper is striking. We even had a little fun with a cute streetcar on the envelopes!

They loved the design of the Save the Date, so we followed suit for the invitations. The Golden Gate Bridge topped this card in bright red, as well, with the elegant and simple text in black. An envelope liner, printed in silver, was just the right touch for the design. We found a vintage map of San Francisco that looked just right next to the invitation.


We love how Virginia and Greg's invitations turned out and we can't wait to do another city themed letterpress set!

Extreme Printing: the Steamroller edition

Last weekend, most of the Sesame Letterpress team were busy at the wonderful Dumbo Arts Festival. Meanwhile, I was over on the west coast, attending "Roadworks", a printing festival at the San Francisco Center for the Book. We love organizations that promote artforms such as letterpress printing, foil printing and bookbinding and the SFCB is no exception. It's a wonderful space and their open weekend was a lot of fun. The highlight was the very performative steamroller printmaking! And if that sounds complicated, here's a step-by-step, photographic explanation!...


First of all, a piece of board is placed on the road. On top of this is the inked plate, facing upwards. The piece of paper that will receive the impression is then placed very carefully over the plate and this is followed by a few layers of blankets and other protective coverings. Everything has to be lined up very precisely.

Step 2

With a toot of the horn, the steamroller slowly moves forwards, following the guides that are marked on the ground and on the protective blanket. The steamroller went over the plate once, then backed up, then rolled over it a second time.

Step 3

We all held our breath for the big reveal! The paper had to be removed really gently and carefully to ensure that the ink didn't smudge. I also loved the fact that at the end, the artist held up his work and everyone who had watched the event gave him a round of applause!

Step 4

Finally, here's a photo of the table with all the finished prints displayed. They came out really beautifully!

- Jana