Wording Guide - RSVP Edition #2

When it comes to response cards, you need to determine how much information you need from your guests. Often this depends on the type of meal you’re serving (if you need them to choose an entree), or if you are having multiple events and need a headcount. If you want to keep things really simple, you can have an open response card with just the reply by date. This is a nice way to encourage your guests to write you a fun note prior to your nuptials.

An rsvp card should always include:
Reply by Date (shown clearly at the top or bottom of the card)
A space to write your guest’s name(s)
A space for the guest to reply with Accepts or Regrets (unless you are doing an open response card)

Additional information you might include:
Entrée selection - Please initial an entrée selection for each guest
Headcount for events - Please indicate the number of guests attending each event
Accommodations - Please help us welcome you to New York City. Where do you plan to stay?
Transportation - Please indicate the number of guests requiring a shuttle to the reception
A fun question - I’ll dance if you play

You may also provide a space for guests to let you know of any dietary restrictions at the bottom of the card.


Wording Guide - RSVP Edition #1

There are many different ways to word your reply by date on your response card. Typically you would request an RSVP about 4 weeks in advance of the wedding, but check with your venue and caterer in case they need more notice. Here are a few suggestions we have for wording:

The favor of a response is requested by the First of July (most formal)
The favor of your reply is requested by the First of July
Kindly reply before the First of July
Please respond by the July 1, 2019
RSVP by the 1st of July, 2019


Wording Guide - Who is Hosting?

All suites are personal and need different wording to convey the feeling and details of the event. One of the most important details to note is the first line that indicates who is hosting the wedding. Tradition states that the parents of the bride would do the honors, but that is not always the case these days! Often, weddings are jointly hosted by the bride and groom’s parents, or even by the couple themselves. Below are a few ways to word the first lines of text on your card.


If the bride’s parents are hosting a traditional wedding:
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter

If the bride and groom’s parents are hosting a traditional wedding together:
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Jones
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their children

If the couple is hosting with their parents:
Together with their families
Holly and Jacob
request the pleasure of your company
at the celebration of their marriage

For the parents hosting a more informal wedding, you can forgo the titles (Mr. and Mrs.):
Katherine and John Smith
invite you to celebrate the marriage of
Holly and Jacob

If both sets of parents are hosting an informal wedding:
With great joy
Katherine and John Smith
together with
Sally and David Jones
invite you to celebrate the marriage of
Holly and Jacob

One last tip!
If  your ceremony is in a place of worship: request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
If your ceremony is in a secular location: request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter

2018 Boxed Calendar

Our 2018 boxed calendars are now available! Each year, we come up with new images that represent the spirit of each month, and print them in bright colors that are sure to look great pinned above any desk. These are great gifts for friends and family, and can be found in our website shop. We usually sell out, so don't wait to pick one up before the new year! Who can believe we're already in November?


In the Studio

We share a lot of photos of the stationery we're printing so for a change, we've decided to step back and show some pictures of our studio and printing presses.


We do all of our own letterpress printing here in the Brooklyn studio. Doing this ourselves allows us to really pay attention to each piece that passes through the press and be certain that it matches the design we've created. It is important to us that our stationery is perfect as it has to represent the people who will be writing on and sending it. Having control in the printing helps us ensure this.

Plus, we like making things and it’s immensely satisfying to start the day with stacks of blank paper and finish it with stacks of beautiful stationery!

Photography by Zachary Hartzell

New Cards for Summer

We have some cute new greeting cards this summer! These two small notes are both great thank you cards to send to any party host or even as your post baby or bridal shower notes. The bright pink strawberry and blue ship in a bottle are both hand letterpressed onto bright white paper and come with a matching blank envelope. You can pick them up from our online shop here!

Our Brooklyn Letterpress Studio...

Our studio is located in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY right under the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. During the 12 years we've been here, the neighborhood has gone from something out of a gangster movie "disposal" site to something more along the lines of SoHo.

Our studio filled with Victorian Era presses has been a steady mix of old cast iron machines, crisp white papers and bright inks. Add the smells of solvents and coffee and some NPR or old French music... and the photos below... and you can imagine a little slice of our days in the studio.