Colorful Ink Swatches

We custom mix our inks for each job. Our presses are really efficient and we use less than a tablespoon of ink for a set of note cards. A little goes a long way as the inks are like a thick paste. When mixing, we start with some base colors that we combine, often with the addition of black or white to tone down the saturation.

We frequently get requests for tinted embossing. We add a drop of gray ink when we print embossings to give the imagery a bit more of a shadow. The result is subtle, and beautiful when paired with a deeper color.


Our color range

When we work with clients to design and print their stationery, we are always careful to ensure that there is clarity around our colors. Sometimes, we'll get an e-mail from a client who asks us to match an online color. This is really difficult: different computer monitors have a massive impact on how the colors look. We much prefer to be sent an actual, tangible color swatch. That way, we can match the exact Pantone color. With this in mind, we've also been working on printing color swatches:

We love how these mini-tree prints look when they are all arranged together. We've been handing them to our clients so that they can flick through, get a sense of how the color looks when it has been printed and also place colors together to see what complements what!

Here's another shot from a different angle:

Which is your favorite?

- Jana