Wedding Attire Wording

Have you ever been to a wedding where you had no idea what to wear? We think its best to take the guessing game out of it when designing your invitations. Your guests will appreciate knowing what is expected of them! 

You can express you attire wording in many different ways, from traditional wording to a more fun way. Here are some common examples and what they mean: 

  • Black Tie (Tuxedos and long gowns)
  • Black Tie Optional (Tuxedos welcome if you have one, but not required. If not, then a dark suit, conservative tie and dark shoes for the men. Formal gowns or fancy cocktail dresses for the women)
  • Black Tie Preferred (Tuxedos preferred, if you have one. If you don't own or can't rent a tux, then a dark suit, conservative tie and dark shoes for the men. Formal gowns for the women.)
  • White Tie (The most formal! White bow tie, black coat with tails for the men and formal evening gowns with gloves for the women.)
  • Formal Attire (Suit & tie and dresses)
  • Semi-formal Attire (Suit & tie and cocktail dresses)
  • Cocktail Attire (Suits and party dresses)
  • Beach or Garden Party Attire (Summer suits and summer dresses)
  • Casual Attire (Button down shirts and sundresses)
  • Country chic (Suits and party dresses for an outdoor wedding)
  • Festive Attire (Think cocktail attire with a holiday twist)

Occasionally, it is important to make note of what kind of footwear would be most appropriate for your venue. If your event will be held outdoors, and you're worried about anyone wanting to wear heels, you could suggest venue appropriate footwear. This might spare anyone from wearing stilettos and spending their evening pulling their shoes out of the grass! Here are some examples:

  • Woods-friendly footwear suggested
  • Grass-friendly footwear suggested

Here are some examples of cards we have printed recently that illustrate some different ways to provide that information.