This is one of our most popular font combinations. We love how the loose script looks alongside a serif font, all in capitals. This wedding invitation design allows for plenty of customization options. You can choose any ink color (or two colors for more variety). You can add another dash of color by opting or painted edges. And you can add further visual interest with envelopes lined in a patterned print. This letterpress suite also allows for motifs to be added to the supplementary cards like the lobster in this set. Choose images that perfectly fit the theme of your celebration!

Invitation pictured features:
Ink: sea blue
Type: bickham script & mrs. eaves caps

The Sesame Letterpress Wedding Collection is created to be customized. Select the ink colors you prefer, choose a graphic from our image library and add finishing touches such as painted edges or lined envelopes. Click the links on the left for these customization options. To see more versions of our collection, please visit our blog.