Finishing Touches

The final step in the design process for your wedding invitations is to have a think about the finishing touches that will add even more individuality to your stationery. These steps all take a bit of extra time to complete, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Corner Rounding:

We round off each of the four corners of your cards. This adds a lovely softness to the designs and looks particularly good with borders, floral designs and simple text-based invitations.

Edge Painting:

Rich pigment is added to the edges of your invitations. You can choose a color that is featured on your design itself or choose a bright contrasting hue for a subtle pop of color. Painted edges take 1 - 2 weeks to complete, so let us know ahead of time if you would like to pursue this option so we can plan accordingly.

Envelope Lining:

Each of your envelopes is lined in tissue or colored paper. We do this by hand and it adds interest as your guests initially open the envelopes they receive. Again, you can really play around with using a bright color here or go for something lovely and subtle.

colored envelopes:

Your envelopes can either match the bright or soft white of your invitations, or you can choose a paper color that matches or corresponds with your ink choices. We need to order these envelopes specially, so it does take a little extra time. 


We don't do calligraphy in-house, but we can recommend someone or we can handle the digital calligraphy for you. Calligraphy usually takes a couple of weeks, so you need to consider that when placing your order.