Stationery is personal. It conveys your thoughts, announces special moments in your life or, in the case of business cards, represents your work. We’ve designed the stationery in our collections to be customized to reflect your personal style.

1. Paper Colors

Our standard paper is a heavyweight 184lb reclaimed cotton paper. We consider it to be the finest paper available for letterpress printed stationery. You can choose between a natural white color for a formal, classic style (card at right featuring the house) or a bright white for a crisp, contemporary style (card featuring the horse).

2. Ink Colors

Select ink colors from our chart here. These same color options are used for the colored edge painting on cards. Please note that the silver, gold and copper printing inks are matte and not a shiny foil.

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3. Icons

View our image collection to select icons to personalize your stationery.

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4. Envelope Liners

To add more color to your stationery set, opt for an envelope liner. The champagne, gold, silver and copper have a shimmery finish. There is an additional charge for envelope lining.

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5. Colored Envelopes

Wedding invitation suites can incorporate colored envelopes. Select a shade from our chart here or ask us for recommendations based on your design. Note card orders will include natural or brilliant white envelopes to match the card stock.

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6. Painted Edges

For a deluxe, subtle detail, you can select a color from the ink chart above for edge painting. We offer gold and silver foil for edging. There is an additional charge to add painted or gilded edging to your card order.


A thoughtfully designed invitation, classic letterpress printing and thick cotton paper is so elegant that you don’t need anything else to make it feel special. However, if you’re in love with wax seals or want to bring in more texture with a pretty cotton ribbon, here are some resources for these.

cotton RIBBON

We love the Italian cotton ribbon from Studio Carte. The colors are gorgeous and the ribbon texture perfectly compliments our soft cotton paper. You can view available colors and styles and order directly from Studio Carte.


We can design a custom wax seal for you to use on a belly band or on the envelope flap. We’d suggest the color and design based on your invitations. If you love DIY projects, you can opt for traditional sticks of wax and a seal mounted on a handle to melt the wax yourself. Most of our clients choose the pre-stamped wax seals (wax melted and stamped and then mounted with adhesive so you can peel and stick them on your paper. We like the color and quality of the seals from Artisaire.