Jo Malone Herb Garden

Sometimes we get asked to print really unique items that we never would have thought of ourselves. We worked with Jo Malone to print these wooden markers for an herb garden set, and they turned out really lovely! They potted Lemon Thyme, Parsley and Lavender and we printed the names in black ink with a logo on the reverse side. It can be a fun challenge to print on a new material, and it's especially rewarding when the project turns out well like this one.

Oh la la: A Destination Wedding in the South of France

We love when we have the opportunity to letterpress print wedding invitations for creative couples. These wedding invitations were designed by the betrothed couple, Jennifer and James. The result was a very unique design, full of color and fun flourishes.

Jennifer and James fell in love with the South of France when they vacationed there together. From the delicious food to the warmth of the countryside, they knew that this was the perfect destination for their wedding. The event was held at an idyllic castle called Château de Lisse, no doubt the inspiration for many fairy tales. The week long event allowed their guests ample time to explore the South and the breathtaking grounds of the château.

It was a lot of fun to print wedding invitations in such vibrant and playful colors. The bright green and blue ink look were an amazing combination. The background of the invitation was a half-tone moon printed in perfect sky blue, with stars dotting the edges. The decorative frame  in vivid green added just the right amount of contrast.

They designed these great matching coasters for the reception, as well. We love that they lined the border with the coordinates of the château and topped it off with a very stylish ampersand.

We are envious of anyone who received these letterpress wedding invitations! We're sure it was the trip of a lifetime.

Pale Blue Heart Letterpress Wedding Invitations

We always enjoy letterpress printing wedding invitations designed by our clients or their friends. We're constantly trying out new techniques and printing from other designers' artwork, gives us the opportunity to try something we may not have thought of. This sweet invitation set is a perfect example of that. It was designed by Leah Kim for Hyunbin Park and Lucas Soto. The design was perfect for letterpress and we were so happy to be able to work with this nice couple to print these.

Modern- Pale-Blue-Heart-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitation-2.jpg

Tangerine ink and blind embossing

We have been printing loads of wedding invitations from designer-supplied files lately. We love seeing all the different styles and ideas that graphic designers come up with. It's wonderful to work closely with other artists and craftspeople to collaborate on their designs. Here's a recent invitation we printed:

The design features a blind-embossed background pattern overlaid with bold, chunky text in a gorgeous pale apricot color. We love how tactile this card is and how it plays with traditional notions of wedding invitations.

The design is by the very talented Tim Geesman and his Thank You card layout is no less awesome.

Again, the design is really clever: we love the subtle customization of the initials in the heart. Thanks Tim and Kate for working with us on your printing!

Fox Fodder Printing

We really enjoy working with other small, independent businesses to help print branding and labeling materials. We're lucky enough to have the opportunity to regularly work with innovative, creative entrepreneurs who are making beautiful products. Fox Fodder is no exception. We were asked to print bands, stickers and labels for their stunning flower fragrance and wood fragrance. We love the simplicity of the design and that ochre color makes us weak at the knees!

Here are some photos of the printed items and the finished products:

A Very Brooklyn Wedding

We wanted to share some images of this really pretty invitation we printed for Chris and Roma. You may recall that a few months ago we printed business cards for Roma. We were lucky enough to also be asked to print their wedding invitations. Phew - they were pretty busy planning a wedding and a new business venture! A friend of theirs had done a wonderful illustration of some Brooklyn buildings and rooftops and Chris had incorporated this into his invitation design. Together with the couple, we decided to go for a small card rather than the standard 5" x 7" and I think the results were perfect: