A very exciting printing job!

At Sesame, we really love printing jobs for our friends and family. And I'm so excited at the moment that we are printing invitations for my wedding! It was so much fun designing these with my colleagues here at the press and there is something very special about having them printed by a friend. After the success of our post about printing on the Vandercook, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to provide a step-by-step guide to printing on our reliable workhorse: the Golding Jobber. So Kate and I took a bunch of photos of the process involved in printing one of my wedding invitation items...

First of all, we measured out the colors that would blend to form the Pantone shade I wanted:

I'm always so amazed at the way that we can accurately mix a precise color:

The color always looks much more vivid before it has been applied to the press. This is because there is a large amount of ink blended initially. Kate applies just a tiny amount to the press disc:

The ink still looks quite bright at this time. But by the time the press has dispersed the ink all over the disc, it is clear that the color is slightly more muted:

Once the press is evenly inked, it's time to start feeding in the cards, one by one. Here I am (concentrating extremely hard) as I line up a card to be printed:

And just after the rollers have printed the card, here's how it looks inside the guides:

105 cards later, we had a lovely pile of finished printing. Here's a sample:

- Jana