Introducing... the Golding Jobber No. 7

We have a wonderful late 19th Century Golding Jobber No. 7 letterpress here in our studio. It's not in great shape so it's been sitting at the side, making us feel a little guilty for not using it. Finally, with the winter months approaching we have time to take on a new task and we are giving ourselves the challenge of bringing this awesome machine back to peak performance. Kate, our letterpress whiz, will be cleaning up the press, fitting new parts and generally ensuring that the press is shipshape and ready for another 100 years of printing!

Here's how the Golding Jobber looks at the moment:

When we bought this press, we also got a copy of the original advert! We love the old school look of it:

Keep checking our blog for updates on our progress with the Golding Jobber No. 7!